We belong to the company “Binker Materialschutz GmbH” and are the division for indoor air pollution management. We are involved in monitoring air pollutants, mainly biocides for wood protection, since more than 40 years.


The Radon-mitigation in homes, property and real estates, is one of our favorite tasks since years. Our challenge is also avoiding any Radon problems in new buildings. We offer you professional consulting and best strategies for Radon protection, like Radon-barriers, high-performance caulking and sealants, ingenious ventilation systems and high-tech Radon-suckers.


We always offer our customers best quality and service. This means for you: Getting value for money. We offer our service all over Europe, for example in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Benelux…


We are specialized to manage indoor air pollution, particularly Radon impacts, referring to our long experience and our skilled workers and staff. Our maxim is very simple: Know-how and best quality are the premise for long-term radon mitigation. We show you ways how to exclude Radon from your home, kindergarten, school, office, property, museum


We take care for avoiding Radon entering your home, we monitor Radon levels and manage Radon ventilation to keep your home Radon-free. This means for you living safely and securely in a Radon-cured retreat or working in a Radon-free office.


Yours sincerely Dr. Gerhard Binker and Joachim Binker